Advice is the process of
defining and implementing an
appropriate investment strategy


Moving into an unfamiliar market of a foreign country is always a challenge for any business. We always suggest our clientele to conduct researches on the market before launching the business in order to acquire crucial apprehension of the opportunities as well as the threats which may affect the business.

The researches, forecasts and analysis help the businesses to adapt themselves to the market successfully by avoiding the threats and embracing the opportunities discovered through successful researches.


With a solid reputation as the largest secretary firm in Sri Lanka we register your business under the company laws in Sri Lanka. With a team of consultants possessing a long term professional intelligence on all the business industries in Sri Lanka, we are well aware of the registrations your business should encounter such as tax registrations, customs registrations, etc,.


Licensing or permit requirements always depend on your business type. It is essential to operate your business with correct licenses and permits in order to maintain the legal authenticity of your business.


Fulfilling the corporate business needs, Inventures Asia (Private) Limited satisfies your visa requirements. With long‐serving experts in the Sri Lankan visa service, we undertake the necessary effort to furnish you with visit visas, residence visas as well as visa extensions.

Interim Services

As your ultimate business solutions provider in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we always look forward to provide you the requisite office space you look for in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Considering all your business requirements, we administer your extended office as your investment consultancy partner in Sri Lanka

Corporate services

With the growing economy and the living standards of the country, there is a huge wave of demand from foreign national companies to set up their businesses in Sri Lanka. As prominent company secretaries and business consultants in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Inventures Asia (Private) Limited provides a diversified set of corporate services which meets the entire corporate business fundamentals of the client such as company incorporation services, secretarial services, business advisory services, accounting and tax services, etc,.