Winning and championships
are memorable but they come from
the strength of the relationships

Foreign Direct Investment

As the leading foreign direct investment consultancy firm in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Inventures Asia (Private) Limited provides investment guidance solutions to the foreign business investors who are willing to establish their business operations in Sri Lanka.

Portfolio Investments

Our masterly perception on the fluctuating business flavours, eases you to venture on investing in securities such as depositing money in the banks of Sri Lanka or make purchases in the Sri Lankan stock and bond markets in order to earn a profitable return on it.

Joint ventures

Are you are planning to extend your business in Sri Lanka partnering with a local business partner in order to share strengths, minimize risks, and increase competitive advantages in the marketplace?

Inventures Asia (Private) Limited, as the practiced consultancy firm located at Colombo, Sri Lanka, provides you experienced guidance, throughout the business.

Import Trading

Inventures Asia (Private) Limited resourcefully instructs foreign national companies in Sri Lanka on how to comply with profitable import transactions in order to make sure that you experience a safe and legal business deal. With a mature awareness of the complexity that foreign national companies experience in importing, it is our responsibility to make sure your goods are safely arrived and settled.

Export trading

As a paramount offshore company registration firm in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we assist the foreign exporters in Sri Lanka by facilitating them through proper guidance and comprehensive set of corporate services in the process of exporting.

International Tenders

Inventures Asia (Private) Limited assures your awareness on all the latest advertised tenders available. Your exposure to competing offers is highly guaranteed.